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As your trusted insurance and risk management advisor, we nurture creativity and innovation by approaching problems from different angles, with a variety of tools, and a robust menu of strategies.

Employee Benefits

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Employee Benefits

In any business organization, the human resources are the most valuable asset. Attracting and retaining top talent in the current labor market is critical to success. The costs of employee acquisition and retention must be balanced between controlling the cost of employee benefits with meeting the expectation and needs of employees. Helping you navigate these divergent objectives is chief amongst our specialties. By employing a variety of value-added professional services to our clients we are successfully helping our clients reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve employee satisfaction. We employ a three-pronged approach to our employee benefits client stewardship.

Plan Strategy

Based on your company’s needs, we will make recommendations to help you enhance your plan offerings while remaining competitive and reducing overall plan costs. We also provide assistance with enrollment to meet your goals and help your employees maximize the benefits that their plans provide.

Healthcare Reform, Plan Administration and Legislative Compliance

The landscape of the healthcare reform is constantly changing, thus a consistently and unrelenting vigilance is required to ensure compliance with regulations. We monitor changes as well as important trends and provide the necessary updates and resources to our clients to keep them informed, prepared and in compliance.

Custom Communications

We help our clients tackle the mounting required employee communications and disclosures with respect to benefit announcements, employee newsletters, as well as health and wellness resources by providing a variety of tools. In addition, we facilitate access to a community of like-minded and knowledgeable professionals from all over the country to communicate with, learn from, and lean on. Finally, we set each of our clients up with a personalized client portal site.

Commercial Benefits

New and established businesses alike require the placement of insurance for both regulatory compliance and asset protection purposes.

Product Knowledge

Experience and perspective count when it comes to managing your risk. Your company faces certain risks, some of which are unique. You deserve a trusted, consultant who will actively listen and understand your concerns.

Risk Identification & Analysis

Your trusted consultants will identify current and future risks to your business and also conduct a detailed examination of exposure vs. historical data with the target of identifying patterns and loss drivers.

Risk Control

Putting the proper coverage in place is only the beginning, our consultants will work with you and your insurance carrier to create specific strategies to avoid, prevent and reduce your business exposure to loss.


Your business is unique and has specific needs, our strategic partnerships both locally and nationally enables your trusted consultant to access a variety of markets and products to ensure your business is covered properly.

Personal Insurance

While the word “personal” is typically used only a descriptive to differentiate coverage for individuals from businesses, it means so much more to us than that. Every client has a unique story with unique needs. You deserve a unique approach and unique solutions that protect you and keep you whole in the event of a loss.

Coverage Knowledge

Whether you are a first-time insurance buyer or a retiree looking to protect your assets our team can help. The diversity of our staff brings the experience and perspective needed to find your perfect lifestyle protection solutions.

Product Mix

Our trusted advisors will identify current and future risks to your lifestyle through a detailed needs assessment and use a variety of products to meet your needs. Employing this approach ensures that we are taking a holistic approach to protecting your lifestyle, now and in the future.


Our commitment to diversity in our strategic partnerships, both locally and nationally, enables our trusted advisors to access a variety of markets and products to ensure your assets and lifestyle are covered properly.

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