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2020 Nonprofit Partnership

Our mission is to change the world one insurance policy at a time. Diversity in community outreach is among our core values and in service of this core value we aim to give back to and serve our community through participation in community programs, non-partisan political activism as well as non-profit volunteerism and financial support. As an organization with a high accountability culture, we know that in order to execute on our mission and embody our core values, we need to take action. To that end, we are pleased to announce that we have entered into a dynamic and mutually beneficial partnership with a local nonprofit, The Garden Foundation.

The Garden Foundation is a non-profit organization serving those with disabilities in the city of Las Vegas. Their goal is to support and enhance the lives of people with disabilities b providing a place of education, inspiration, independence and inclusion. The Garden Foundation takes a person-centered-planning approach and therefore provides customized experiences to meet the needs of each of their clients and their families. Each person they serve has their own interests, skills, needs and goals so The Garden Foundation strives to give their clients choices in what they do and works to help them reach their full potential, at whatever path and skill level that may be.

The Garden Foundation offers five core programs – the GROW Program, Community Internships, Dig It! Coffee Co., Boxes of Sunshine, and Service Saturday.


The Garden Foundation is more than a day program. Their GROW Program is educationally based while incorporating personalized goals, vocational training, recreational classes and even social outings. Their GROW Program provides a safe environment for clients to learn, explore, have some fun and build lasting friendships.


The Garden Foundation’s unique internship program opens new doors for their clients, giving their clients hands-on experience in a career of their choice while exploring their interest and doing work that excites them!


The Garden Foundation’s clients serve kindness and caffeine through the Las Vegas community with their mobile coffee shop. While learning communication skills, customer service and financial reasoning, their clients are serving smiles and seriously good cups of coffee.


The Garden Foundation’s clients lovingly package and ship beautiful gift boxes to brighten the day of others and inspire others to spread some sunshine.


The Garden Foundation believe strongly in doing their part in helping to make Las Vegas a better place. Through monthly community service projects that support those in need, their clients are growing by giving back.

Both Branch Benefits Consultants and The Garden Foundation were built with a commitment to diversity and inclusion, so we share a natural alignment of core values. In an effort to maximize the effectiveness of our partnership, we will implement a three-pronged approach.

  1. Referral Program - When we receive a referral to a potential new customer, either personal or business, the referring person receives a $5 e-gift card to Amazon. We invite the referring person to donate the value of their $5 gift card to The Garden Foundation. In addition, on a quarterly basis, we will give a $5 donation for each referral received to The Garden Foundation. The funds paid by Branch Benefits Consultants as a result of the Referral Program will be used towards funding scholarships for The GROW Program.
  2. Summer of Sunshine Initiative - This workplace-based program offers our employees, customers, vendors, and carrier partners an efficient and easy way to make contributions to The Garden Foundation for their Boxes of Sunshine program. We will be hosting a supply drive via a curated Amazon wish list provided by The Garden Foundation from June through August. We invite donors to make purchases off of the wish list using Amazon Smile. This initiative provides funding from Amazon Smile as well as supplies off of the list to support the Boxes of Sunshine Program
  3. Awareness Ambassadors & Connectors - Leveraging the skills, connections, and talent of our team we work to find opportunities for The Garden Foundation’s clients and team to serve kindness and caffeine through their Dig It! Coffee Co. Program, place their clients in impactful internships through their Community Internships Program, and serve the community through their Service Saturday Program.

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